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Paradice- A game of Give and Take


The game is for two players, a “Giver” and a “Taker”. At various times in the game, the players need to switch roles. Pieces consist of 4 types of trees (7 of each), 4 forest spirits, and 4 humans. The main play board is a 6×6 grid. There is a track which runs around the edge so that the whole board is 8×8.

From the publisher's Web site:

Paradice┬áis a world like Earth where human beings live in and depend on the vitality of their forest environment. At different moments in their lives, human beings are driven by different needs. At one time, a human may need to consume and acquire goods. At other times a human may be driven by a need for social connection or the desire to replenish the environment. The circumstances that influence those needs and the resources available in a human's life are determined by a mix of predictable patterns and random opportunity.”

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Dimensions 33 x 33 x 36 cm

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