Little Einstein Go, Go, Rocket! Memory Game


Description: Lay the round counters in a circle table. Mix the square tiles and lay them all with the pictures face down so that nobody
can see them. Each player chooses one figure and one scrap book and assemble it. Put your figure on any colored counter and away you Go, Go,
Rocket! in the scrap book!

– The youngest player begins. Throw the dice in turns and move your figure to the nearest colored counter as shown on the dice.
– If the counter you land is just a color, wait there until your next turn.
– If you land on a counter with an image, turn over two of the tiles and look at the picture
– If the image are the same you have a match. Put the two of the tiles on your scrap book
– If it is not a match, then put the tiles back face down but be sure you all remember what they were and where they are for future turns

What’s in the Box:

– 24 colored counters to lay-out the board
– 30 pieces tiles
– 4 character figures with stand
– 4 scrap books
– 1 colored dice

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Additional Information

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Dimensions 18.9 x 4.5 x 24.2 cm

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